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Giving It Away
by whiterabbit1613 (xintas)
Loosely inspired by the wonderful song 'Giving it away' by the band Mae. They are quite wonderful.
This story doesn't stand up under intense scrutiny. Also, I have no excuses. This is just weird and very random. However, I promised story dump, so story dump there is.

     "Is it snowing yet?"
     Ed didn't want to look. He didn't want to see Al, standing there, burying pizza crust under a whitening layer of cheese. There was something odd in his brother's eyes these days, and he knew that if he looked, he would see something he didn't want to see.
     It was a bit of everything. It was a bit of 'oh lord what are we doing' and a bit of 'I love every minute of this' and a bit of 'now isn't this awkward?'
     And it was. So awkward.

     Like unfinished sentences. That's what Al thought, trying to force his distracted mind through stacks of paper. They were trying <i>so hard</i> to finish those damn sentences, but the periods were elusive, replaced constantly with commas; and semi-colons. And just... well, they couldn't put an end to it. Such a thing was simply physically impossible.
     But when Raz brought him a glass of milk and bade him a fond goodnight, Al found himself wanting to do the impossible. If only for the sake of those emerald eyes and the chestnut hair that framed them. He was so... different. Young and pure and exotic. And everything Al couldn't believe he was. Including beautiful.
     "How did things go today?" Raz asked shyly, his little voice so unfitting for such an emotion.
     Al looked at him askance. "I suppose it depends on your point of view."

     Al needed a snow day to get things straight, so he continued to stare out the window, and tried valiantly to pray. It didn't work. It didn't usually, except for that one time, after which he had renounced being remotely religious.
     It just worked too well.
     Sora wondered if they were all crazy, when he should have known better. Perhaps because he hadn't gone through this - but really, so few people ever had, that he couldn't be faulted for being ignorant. He and Jake just pretended they were so much older and wiser, and tried to look the other way, and to avoid the family room whenever all three members of the odd triangle were present. Sometimes they were succesful. Sometimes they weren't.

     "Your turn to make dinner," Silicon called to the Elrics. She ignored them as they entered the room, Al silently and Ed so carefully as to be loud.
     In no time at all, everything was on the counter. Ed made the mess; Al tried to keep up with his cleaning abilities, but he wasn't always successful. Egg white still got on the floor. Flour still covered the stove. They kept bumping elbows and shoulders and hips and things, which made Al smile, eventually giggle. Ed tried to hide it, but eventually a crook of the lips gave him away. And then they were talking (so foreign, and why?) about random things.
     Dinner was surprisingly good that night.

     "And that's why," Ed concluded. "That's all you need to know."
     Raz nodded his head and tried to comprehend why any of this involved him at all, but before he could even begin to grasp the meaning, he found himself envelopped in two pairs of arms, warm and lively and very silly.

The end.
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Omg, I'm actually posting a comment only a day after the story was posted?! I am so proud of myself! :D I LOVE YOU FOREVEVEVEVEVEVEVEVEVEVEVER ♥♥♥ You write such loveliness for me to read~it makes me eternally happy no matter what ♥ I really liked this~It was choppy and mysterious~I loved the whole Jake and Sora interaction statement, because that is so totally them and I love it. AND YOU WRITE MY OWN COUPLES BETTER THAN ME ARGRRHRGIFYEHFORWJGVNPIWRGHPB ♥♥ *steals you*
Mrr... I just realized I never replied to your luverly comment! Thank you very much, fancy lady! It brings me eternal happiness to write these tidbits, especially since there's someone else to read them!
ALSO! I love the song by the way. I downloaded it because I am a pirate and it's so pretty~*w* You have made my playlist 100 songs too much! My story develops because of you! D: ♥♥♥